Best way to learn German – Learn German


Best way to learn German – Learn German, learning the German language is not an easy way if you do not learn it from reliable sources and sources with valuable information, so we will mention in today’s article how to learn German for beginners.

Best way to learn German – Learn German

In the following lines we will mention the best way to learn German – Learn German:

  1. Choose one of the simple types of books that explain the concepts and rules of the German language.
  2. Buy some simple children’s stories written in Arabic and German.
  3. You can learn to read through it.
  4. The use of one of the dictionaries that translate from German to Arabic and vice versa.
  5. To facilitate the process of understanding difficult and incomprehensible words.
  6. Apply some exercises that translate the understanding of the rules, Best way to learn German – Learn German the explanation and understanding of which were received from the book.
  7. Choose one of the textbooks that divide the curriculum into five sections.
  8. (Writing – listening – grammar – reading – pronunciation).
Best way to learn German - Learn German
Best way to learn German – Learn German

Steps to learn German

  • Gradual selection of some academic books, which specialize in explaining all sections of language learning.
  • Never memorize the rules, because the rules are not memorized, but they are burdened with the practice of speaking.
  • Or by solving different exercises that work to install the rules.
  • Buy some educational Mr. Yihat that helps to develop my reading and listening skills.
  • Which is the first seed.
  • Learning to listen, pronounce, and then read.
  • Make sure to read many different texts that develop reading skill.
  • Thus, it makes the learner the superior ability to know the meanings of words and learn the correct reading.

Learn German for beginners

  1. It is to read all texts, whether books or stories, aloud and audibly.
  2. In order to store the method of pronunciation and meaning in memory, Best way to learn German – Learn German and retrieve it in a proper time.
  3. Choosing one of the websites, which offers educational curricula graded from the beginner and intermediate levels to the advanced level.
  4. With some assessment exercises for the lessons and a separate exam for each level.
  5. Make sure to listen to a lot of videos.
  6. Which works to develop listening skills.
  7. Because good listening develops the skill of correct pronunciation.
  8. Writing skill is developed starting with the selection of simple words.
  9. By first transcribing the words, pronouncing their letters, and writing them more than once by heart.
  10. Without looking at the word that has been transmitted, so that it may be memorized and restored in time.

Listen to the German language from its native speakers

  • It may also help to talk to some German friends and practice the language and listen to its pronunciation from native speakers.
  • If you have a book in your native language, Best way to learn German – Learn German you prefer it.
  • What do you think of translating it? But this time in German.
  • Paraphrase the sentences in German, and make sure the integrity of the grammar.

Focus on learning German

  1. Be more focused on the language than the events, this is very good on your way to learning German.
  2. Also, be careful not to use the Arabic language in pronouncing German words and memorizing them in this way.
  3. As it is a completely wrong way that destroys your pronunciation and your mental association with the language.
  4. Employ the new synonyms that you have memorized in many simple sentences, in your speech, writing, and other daily matters.
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